Markos Apparel specializes in meeting wholesale customers' individual needs. We sell to wholesale clients ranging from large companies purchasing uniforms and supplies to local community organizations ordering screen-printed t-shirts. For information on pricing, minimum orders and becoming a wholesale customer, please contact us.

Markos Apparel Fall 2016 Program

Boot Sox:
Ballston Thermal/wool Boot Sox
Great Canadian Boot Sox: (30 below) MAR 8030   (70% wool)                
Great Canadian Boot Sox: (50 below) MAR 8516   (85% wool)              

Dri-Duck Embroidered (antlers/wings/fins/paws/hooves)
Alternative Fatigue Caps (assorted colors)
Dominant DNA Camo Caps (assorted colors)     

Dish Towels:
Original Flour Sack Dishtowels - 30 X 30 and 36 X 40
#1 Woven dishcloth 

Bandannas and Handkerchiefs:
Ladies 3 pk boxed embroidered asst handkerchiefs (MARL90)  
Assorted colorful Bandannas in 22 inch and 18 inch sizes (do rag styles also available)
Spinner rack (144 assorted colors w/rack (bar codes provided if necessary)  

Solid Colors
Dress suspenders

Winter Caps/Hats:
Aviator Rabbit Fur Canadian Hats:   

  • M 2-96364 Mossy Oak Camo
  • M 2-96374 Canadian Crown Cap
  • MKlondike Sterling 9HF620  

M00793  Knit Caps 2 ply
M00846  Knit Caps 4 ply
M00798  Knit Caps Fleece Lining
M00766  Headband Straight
MAR18707  Vintage Wash Safari Hat
Packer/Viking Knit Caps
MAR 3521 Knit Buck or Knit Mallard Caps
MAR 19690  Bucket Mosquito Net Cap
MAR20405  Novelty Cow w/ lights & sound

Deerskin/Wool Gloves and Mittens:
MAG057GYL  Sueded Deerskin Palm w fleece back/thinsulate
MAR8418  GI/O.D wool glove liner
MART89  LT WT Canvas w knit wrist
MAR00606: Red Lined Jersey Open Cuff glove
MAR00550 Jersey Knit wrist
MAG051BK #1 Deerskin Chopper w Sherpa lining
MAG02SR Unlined Fullgrain deerskin chopper mitt
MAR9071 Chopper Liner 50% wool
MAN065T  Split deerskin Chopper mitt w pullout Sherpa liner
MANG013T  #1 Thinsulate Deerskin Glove (full grain Wisconsin White Tail)
MANG6013BK #1Thinsulate Deerskin Glove (full grain Wisconsin White Tail)
MANG014BK  Ladies #1 Thinsulate Deerskin Glove  (full grain Wisconsin White Tail)
MAF9988  Adult Double Ragmitt  (85% wool)
MAF9978  Youth Double Ragmit  (85% wool)

Canadian Style Gloves and Mittens:
MAK31H273 Cowgrain Glove Pile Lined:              
MAK31000VK CowGrain Pile/Fibrefill Lined
Ultimitt, Velcro Strap (black or wheat color)

Blaze Orange Head and Hand:
MAB00714:  Blaze Acrylic Knit 2 ply cap
MAB00877:  Blaze Fleece face mask (balaclava style)
MAB33073:  Blaze Acrylic knit with plastic dot grip
MAB63212:  Blaze Fleece Glove w rubber palm and finger tips
MAB89095:  Blaze Fleece Glomit w neoprene palm (40 grams thinsulate)
MABO4201AL:  Blaze cotton jersey w knit wrist
MABR50161  Blaze Safety Vest one size

Camo Head and Hand Program:
MAB00844:  Marled Knit Camo Cuff Cap
MAB00813:  Real Tree Fleece Cuff Hat                 
MAB33084:  Knit Camo Glove              
MAB63139:  Brushed water proof lined w knuckle
MAB4201CB  Youth/ladies cotton jersey knit wrist 


Ankle Length Drawers/Shirts:
5.5 ounce rib cotton thermal drawers     
5.5 ounce rib cotton shirts                       
2 Layer Performance Thermal
30 % wool outside/100% poly inside (shirts and drawers)


Camo Fleece Jacket with two zip pockets
Red/Black Buff Plaid Fleece Jacket/2 zip pkts
Pink Fleece/Camo Accent/2 zip pkts
Camo Waterproof Jacket/2 zip & inside pkts
Wisconsin Badger Licensed Jackets


We also carry the following name brands:

Carhartt Work Wear
Dickies Work and Play Wear
Key Work Wear
Red Kap Workwear
Hanes Underwear
Levi Strauss Casual Wear*
Woolrich Shirts and Blankets*
Pendleton Shirts and Blankets*
Stormy Kromer Caps and Vests*
Crown Cap Winter Caps, Gloves and Mittens
Ballston Thermal Sox
Wigwam Socks and Knit Caps
Fox River Socks, Gloves and Mittens

*Available for retail purchase only