Markos Apparel in the news:

Markos Clothing Business Marks 112th Holiday Season (November 2013)

Markos Wholesale & Retail Apparel has evolved over the years but remains known for selling quality brand-name clothing...Today, the store appeals to the casual man and woman, the outdoors person and the working person, both rural and urban,” Markos said. Besides items on display in the store, he said, “We do a lot of special-order stuff.’
— La Crosse Tribune

Liberace played here, too,” said Richard Markos, whose clothing shop is moving around the corner to make way for a new Mexican food restaurant. “I know the Cavalier was his main spot, but he was on stage here as well. He always said La Crosse was where he got his start.“

Gundersen Lutheran Hospital also got its start in the Solberg building in 1891. “My great-great grandfather was treated by Adolf Gundersen upstairs,” Rudrud said.

“This is one of the premier buildings in La Crosse,” said John Satory, a former La Crosse City Council member and downtown business owner who stopped by Wednesday afternoon to photograph the construction. “It definitely tells a story.’
— La Crosse Tribune